The EARTH collection embodies beauty into people’s lives with durable, timeless materials.


The wooden floor collection by Tom Muyters is originated from a passion for natural, high quality materials. EARTH is truly a unique product, the strongest and most durable floor, provided with the highest-quality finish, suitable for versatile use. The collection consists of 10 unique colors specially developed by Tom Muyters design group to harmonize with the color palette an design philosophy of the brand. With this extensive color palette, the collection offers serenity and a suitable look for any interior.


The top layer of the EARTH collection is made of oak, a real wood, every plank is different which gives it a natural and luxury appearance. A Unique piece of nature. With their limited thickness and a special composite carrier, the planks are very suitable for underfloor heating. The functionality of this floor is extremely suitable for residential and commercial environments. Dribble water with ease, 100% ecological, fireproof and 3 times harder than an ordinairy oak floor gives this EARTH collection so many advantages compared to a traditional parquet . That makes it the best flooring for kitchen and other intensive used areas. The planks are available in 2 dimensions 9”/11” x 86 5/8” and the herringbone 30”x 5”.

Earth Collection

The floors of the EARTH collection are available in 10 unique colors designed by Tom Muyters design group. CHALK, ALABASTER, DESERT to lighten up the space. The middle colors CLAY, SLATE, STONE, RUST are the neutral tones. DUNE, SHADOW and CHARCOAL the darker tones. They seamlessly match the design philosophy of the Tom Muyters design group with a signature look.

Technical information

Extremely resistant to scratches, nicks and stains. Highest fire safety class. high grip capacity. After prolonged exposure with large amounts of water, the structure, color and fit are preserved.

Our floors are produced in Europe. 100% eco-friendly.

Suitable for underfloor heating
The limited thickness of this floor collection makes it very efficient for underfloor heating and very easy to handle.

5G installation
Fastest and easiest installation.
Strong locking provided by plastic tongue.
Works with all materials and widths.
For thicknesses down to 4 mm.
Large tolerance window * not for the chevron flooring.

Tom Muyters.
Magnificent obsession for quality in every detail.