TM Identity

Belgian designer Tom Muyters works with highly skilled craftspeople and accomplished artisans to bring an innovative, yet timeless approach to his furniture collection. Coupled with the European concept of including architectural elements that consist of acutely detail oriented steel doors and windows, as well as beautiful, sustainable wood flooring, the two sides of the studio approach each project holistically.

Having traveled extensively throughout his 20 year career as a professional football (soccer) player, Tom’s dedication and skill is reflected in everything he does, accentuating his vision for detail in all aspects of design that led him to pursue a degree in interior architecture.

Flawless craftsmanship, understated elegance and his deep appreciation for the inherent quality of natural materials, including stone, plaster, wood and metal, underscore the identity and integrity of each piece. Tom’s designs are routed in organic, sculptural lines with detailed proportion and balance.