Tom Muyters, a distinguished Belgian designer, seamlessly merges innovation with timeless elegance within the realm of furniture. With a strong commitment to precision and dedication, Tom collaborates closely with highly skilled artisans and craftsmen to curate a furniture collection that is both exceptional and enduring.

Drawing inspiration from his illustrious 20-year career as a professional football player, Tom’s artistic journey is marked by an unwavering passion for detail and a pursuit of design excellence. His pursuit of perfection led him to attain a degree in interior architecture, further honing his visionary approach.

The hallmark of Tom’s work lies in its impeccable craftsmanship, marked by a refined and understated elegance. He holds a deep appreciation for the inherent quality of natural materials such as stone, plaster, wood, and metal, infusing each piece with a distinct identity and unwavering integrity.

Tom’s designs are distinguished by organic, sculptural lines, meticulously proportioned and harmoniously balanced to create true masterpieces. Infused with European architectural influences, his creations often feature intricate steel doors, a testament to his acute attention to detail.

Discover the harmonious convergence of innovation and tradition at Tom Muyters, where artistry finds its purpose, and beauty is seamlessly intertwined with functionality.


Una Malan | Los Angeles – San Francisco


Freeman Galleria | Sydney


Carlyle Collective